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What is up selling? Up selling is a strategy of offering products to potential customers by comparing the goods sought with other goods, which have bargaining values, better quality.

Where this up selling strategy is widely used in the marketing world whose goal is to encourage consumers to spend a lot of money to buy products that are really needed.

Maybe some of you are interested in the world of entrepreneurs who run buying and selling businesses. It is very important to know about the term up selling. So, for more detailed information, you can find the answer in this article.

What is Up Selling?

Up Selling Strategy: How to Get Higher Turnover

In general, up selling can be interpreted as a sales technique that recommends consumers to buy products that are more expensive than the products they were after before.

Upselling can also be interpreted as a strategy to recommend more expensive items/products/services to customers in buying products by providing alternatives and their respective advantages.

So it can be concluded that, up selling is an effort to add use value and benefits to the product.

This addition aims to get the satisfaction expected by consumers when making an offer. Where this technique is a technique that creates conditions where consumers tend to choose to buy products with higher and better standards.

Definition of Up Selling According to Experts

According to Key Difference, upselling is a strategy to persuade consumers to buy similar products with higher quality, features and specifications than the product previously sought.

Where is the up selling strategy as an additional buying strategy with more upgraded or more premium goods.

Benefits of Up Selling

1. Increase Revenue

2. Maximizing Sales

3. Provide Comfort

How to Do Up Selling??

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